Coffee Cake Snack Size

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Our  individual Gluten-Free Coffee Cake is intended to be eaten with milk, coffee or tea and of course a friend. 

Our Coffee Cake has a delectable, cozy cinnamon mix, which will leave you happy. They are a perfect any time pick me up. If you are feeling generous add some to your brunch menu or send some to your favourite college students, who are in desperate need of some homemade love.

Our Coffee Cakes do NOT contain any shelf life extenders or preservatives. Keep your Coffee Cake in the FREEZER until you are ready to enjoy, hen thaw on your counter or microwave 30 seconds. We do NOT recommend storing your Coffee Cake on a counter or in a cupboard. Eat within 1 year of purchase.

CONTAINS: Eggs & Milk

Size - 115g

Gluten & Nut Free